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Kids Chest Waders 3Kamido DUCKS yellow

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Kids Chest Waders 3Kamido PRO

Gratis three-dimensional ruler in inches and centimeters for kids 

 Guaranteed safe and joyful fun for 
your child.

Kids Chest Waders are improved in comparison to other kids chest waders available on the market because:

they are equipped with a strap divider (on the back) which prevents suspenders from sliding off the shoulders and they also have a

width regulation.

Suspenders contain stronger elastic rubber with a 3Kamido logo.

Better buckles from a great brand – NEXUS

Kids Chest Waders are high quality, produced in Poland.

Kids Chest Waders allow children to have carefree fun no matter the weather


Now your child can safely sit in a puddle, wet sand, wet grass or moss,

have fun in the mud or damp snow,

go fishing with dad or grandpa

and we don't have to worry about soaked clothes or a child getting cold.

Kids Chest Waders protect against wind, rain and cold.

Thanks to them your child won't get cold and will remain dry.

Clothes under the waders are always dry, therefore you don't have to change clothes in fear of the child getting cold or wet.

Wellington boots (galoshes) are made out of rugged, wear resistant material and have a thick non-slip sole.

Kids Chest Waders come with a waterproof bag which makes transporting and storing easier. Bag may be used to store or transport other things.

They come in a fashionable and original patterns and colours designed with children and youth in mind.

  • Kids Chest Waders have a variety of possible uses for example:
    - playing on wet sand, wet ground, wet grass or wet moss,
    - different activities during rain, splashing, sitting and wading in puddles,
    - fishing under care of adults,
    - trips and excursions for example to the woods or a meadow or camping,
    - they are wonderful in the winter time especially during playing on wet snow
    - protection against stings from the mosquitos, ants, ticks and other insects,
    - protection to clothes against soaking and dirtying


  • 100% waterproof

  • 100% windproof

  • 3Kamido logo on Kids Chest Waders and on the carrying bag is made out reflective band, which guarantees better visibility for the child in the evenings and cloudy days which increases child's safety

  • made out of modern PVC Kamidex material, which does not contain phtalates, is a non-toxic and safe material for children

  • width regulation – with a rugged and solid metal snaps

  • non-slip sole

  • adjustable and buckled suspenders with a high quality plastic buckle from a Nexus brand

  • high quality rubber used in suspenders with a 3Kamido logo on them

  • strap divider on the suspenders which prevents suspenders from sliding off the shoulders

the size chart is among the pictures !!

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